Remedial Massage Wallsend

Meet Shane Ilgen – Remedial Massage Therapist at Wallsend Remedial Massage


Shane’s Story:

Shane is a local, growing up in Maryland. He spent a lot of his youth training hard as a triathlete with the aim of becoming a pro. As a result of his intense training schedule, Shane often had a lot of muscle fatigue and tension so he needed massages regularly to keep him at his best. Somewhere along the line, Shane realised that he would love to help others through the therapeutic benefits of massage so he began his qualifications between training sessions.

Years later, Shane has now retired from his triathlete duties and is fully focused on helping others through a career in remedial massage. Shane has been getting great feedback since joining us and has shown to have a knack for finding tight spots that need work, which is probably due to the number of massages he has had himself.

Shane is a great communicator and will make sure that you get exactly what you need from every massage. There’s nothing worse than going through a full massage and not quite getting the results you were after, either due to the massage therapist not spending enough time where you needed, or not using enough pressure. Shane realises this, so will keep the communication channels open to tailor the massage experience to your exact desires.

To help you even further, we have a HICAPs machine on-site which means you can claim instantly from your health fund and only have to pay a minimal out-of-pocket expense.

Shane works alongside our physios (Fix It Physio) so he is always refreshing his knowledge and learning even more about the human body.

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